Thursday 3 March 2016

Christian Discussion: An Introduction.

I have created this blog for the purpose of using it as a discussion forum for various hot potato Christian issues. I hope we can engage in a mature discussion of various issues and their impact on our lives as Christians.

I am thinking of addressing issues such as gay marriage, ordination of women, doctrinal issues and contemporary versus traditional music and many more. I would urge you guys to assist me in suggesting topics that we can discuss on this blog.

I am aware that even mature sincere Christians see things differently based on their life experiences. We view life through the prism of our upbringing, traditions and cultural practices.

This by itself is not always a bad thing as I believe that God respects our individuality. It is only when we try to impose our views on the others that things go wrong. We all need to respect each other and not judge the sincerity of others based on our view of the world.

I should however add that our traditions should be judged by the word of God. If our traditions conflict with the expressly stated word of God then we ought to consider what God says as above our traditions.

Having said that I must admit that they are times when truth has to be told. If we really believe from the bottom of our heart that certain things are wrong and may lead others away from Christ, we ought to warn others about it.

To help in the discussion I intend to draw on the expertise of many theologians and pastors from all over the world. I intend to post some videos addressing various issues. 

I urge you all to openly discuss any issues addressed on this site, I promise to be as independent as I can be as I moderate our discussions.

I will post any comment that is expressed as long as it is doesn't use any offensive words or vulgar language.

Welcome to you all.

Please click here for the first discussion which is on Daniel chapter 1.


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